Welcome to Euclidean Machine Works.

At Euclidean, we value not just your business, but the things you already have. That's why we're interested in helping you make those things perform better, for longer, with less trouble. We believe that there's no sense in buying two tools when one tool is only a step away from being able to do two jobs well. And we don't see the sense in paying for something that does more than you need it to when a simple item could be made to suit your purposes for a fraction of the cost. We aim to gracefully bridge those gaps in versatility and quality that so often remain in commercial products. Where mass manufacturers want to force you to pay for the bells and whistles, we'd like to offer you the simple product you actually need.

We appreciate those who see the beauty in doing more with less, who discern the elegance of simplicity, and who value the fundamentals of their craft, whatever that craft may be.

Our products are sorted by category of use on the left. Enjoy browsing our selection of simply useful things.

Euclidean Machine Works. Making your stuff better.